Short programs (Special Events)

Here is the introductions of some short programs, which are aimed at those who want to spend special occasions in Japan. 

Also, these plans are recommendable for the visitors who can only stay with us for a few days.

New Year

Do you know Japanese New Year has one of the most unique traditions ?

You can get unforgettable days around New Year through staying with us. 

Hit the button below and find more information ! 


Program: Dec/31th~Jan/4th

The application deadline: Dec/20th


~Enjoying Cherry blossom~

Japan has a traditional culture to see cherry blossom in spring, called "Ohanami". 

Let's learn how it works to Japanese people together by means of the page below, and join us !


Program: 3days in early April

The application deadline: Mar/20th

You are the Last Samurai !

Samurai is one of the symbols of old Japan.  You can learn a basic technique of Kendo like Samurai !  In addition to the activity, you will experience Setsubun (Throwing beans), which is the traditional custom of February.


Program: 3days in early February

The application deadline: Jan/20th