Our History

World One is the Intercultural Communication section from the NPO called "Kodomo Mirai Sozo Gakuen (Child Future Creation Campus)".


-1995  MEILINKAN was established

One of the main sections from Child Future Creation Campus, MEILINKAN, started in Ise, Mie prefecture in 1995. It has been providing various education with the students aged from kindergarten to high school as a cram school. 

In particular, it supports students’ learning in terms of not only school’s subjects but also proper behaviour, manner and traditional cultures taken over by old Japanese people.


Now Japanese people have faced with some severe problems such as a lowering of communication ability, problem management and learning ability because of a lack of experiences from childhood.  To tackle with this situation, MEILINKAN changed its management style to NPO and founded Child Future Creation Campus, which consists of several chief sections in order to help children’s lives, including MEILINKAN itself as an educational section.


-2016  The launch of World One

By making the best use of career from MEILINKAN, World One offers splendid plans to cultivate your sense of Japan covering wide range of Japanese cultures and languages in Ise.  Our staff are composed of professional teachers of Japanese languages and also familiar with Japanese traditional cultures and customs.   

Interaction with the other sections



The other sections from "Child Future Creation Campus" will be enabled to strengthen World One. 


Especially, our trip plan will focus on the cooperation with the Educational section, "MEILINKAN" and "Language school", which have many primary/junior high school students, so that we can enhance our trip plan and also give Japanese students more opportunities to communicate with foreign visitors.



Why World One?

Our service is different from others because... 

1.  You can learn and experience the true Japanese traditional cultures, which you can't really experience 

    if you just visit the big cities as sightseeing, for example calligraphy, Japanese tea ceremony, meditation and

    putting Kimono on.

    (→go to "Plan" for more information)


2. You can feel the atmosphere of Japanese local area in one of the most traditional places in Japan, Ise.  Ise is 

    called 'the spiritual hometown of Japanese' since it has one of the biggest and most famous shrines in Japan,

    'Ise's Great Shrine (Ise Gingu)'.  In the old story of Japan, people said that they had to visit and pray at the Ise's

    Great Shrine once in a lifetime. 

    Also, Ise is located in the place near Ise-Shima (the venue of the Group of Seven summit in 2016)


3. You can learn and see what the life in Japan like through staying with us during trip.


4. You can exchange cultures and languages, and learn together due to communicate with Japanese

    children learning in 'MEILINKAN' and 'Language school'.  


5. All of our friendly staff are Japanese people who are specialize with Japanese cultures and languages

    (eg. one of our staff has 4th degree of Kendo). 


6. You can interact with other travellers who will stay in the same accommodation (the rooms are separate) and

    enjoy the tour together during day time. 

   ※If you want to make a reservation as a big group (eg. 30 people) or participate in the tour separately,

      don't hesitate to ask us about the details.

Our Mission

Our mission is...


To connect people regardless of any races

To let foreign visitors know true Japanese cultures

To give irreplaceable experience to Japanese children and broaden their view