Plan model

This is our regular plan model which we would like to recommend most in order to learn Japanese traditional culture. 

In addition to Japanese traditional custom and cultures, you can get a full of experience of Ise (from famous place to some local foods and spots).


The tour will be conducted in 9 nights and 10 days, but we could change some schedule for you if you want.  Please let us know if you have any inconvenience in message. 


You can get some further information by clicking the underlined parts.


The application deadline: You can apply anytime

You can join in the tour just for a few days as well (Please talk to us)



The 1st Day

・Arriving at Japan <Picking up>

・Visit Geku (the outer shrine of Ise Jingu)

・Dinner (having at Gochisoya)


The 2nd Day

・Meditation at a temple

・Lunch (Japanese cutlets)

・Visit Meotoiwa and Okitama shrine, and having Akafuku

・Welcome party with students at MEILINKAN

・Dinner (Japanese curry rice)


The 3rd Day

・Misogi (Japanese ritual purification by water)

・Lunch (Fishing in nature)

・Learning Japanese language with students at MEILINKAN

・Dinner (Okonomiyaki)


The 4th Day

~Living with students~

・Exchange languages with students (learning Japanese)

・Experience of Calligraphy with students


The 5th Day

~Living with students~

・Exchange languages with students (learning Japanese)

・Experience of Sado (Japanese tea ceremony)


The 6th Day

~Cooking Day~

・Get ingredients at Japanese shops and cooking together


The 7th Day

~Free Day~

・The activity chosen by you (Check "Create your plan")


The 8th Day

~Free Day~

・The activities chosen by you (Check "Create your plan")

・Dinner (Sushi)


The 9th Day

・Visit Naiku (the inner shrine of Ise Jingu)

・Visit Okage-Yokocho (shopping street)

・Experience of Japanese local life (eg. visiting a supermarket, book store, 100 yen shop and so on)

・Onsen (Hot spring)

・Farewell party


The 10th Day

・Leaving Ise


 ※The order of the schedule could change




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