The accommodation is 'Shoin-Zukuri', which never really exist in this modern Japan. Shoin-Zukuri  is a style of Japanese residential architecture used in the mansions of the military, temple guest halls, and Zen abbot's quarters of the Azuchi-Momoyama (1568-1600) and Edo periods (1600-1868).  It forms the basis of today's traditional-style Japanese house.  Characteristics of the Shoin-Zukuri development were the incorporation of square posts and floors completely covered with tatami.  Also, the entire house is wooden.


You will stay at the accommodation during your trip.  There are our staff living together so that you can ask anything or have a chat, just like a homestay.  To communicate with other visitors at an accommodation is also recommendable point regarding the accommodation.

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・To Ise Municipal General Hospital

...3 mins by car

・To Isuzugawa station

...3 mins by car

・To Naiku (Ise-Jingu), Tsukiyomigu, Sarudahiko shrine, Yamatohimegu and a convenience store

...within walking distance